The smooth glide of a new key

Throws open the freshly oiled door

Determined footsteps hit the laminate floor

Fresh paint odours permeate the air


A blank canvas overall

With a few statement pieces to add a personal touch

A golden Buddha takes centre stage

Meditative stillness bought for £19.99

Homebase bargain bin

Spirituality with a penny’s change


New prints of Che have arrived

Quad portraits ala Andy Warhol

A guerrilla radical mounted in a Perspex frame

Cuban revolution bought to your new build flat

Tethered with a 40-year mortgage

A life longer than Ernesto himself


The retro wall mounted clock hails the hour

“Time spent with family is worth every second”

The stylised letters on the clockface declare

Your mother has been counting the minutes

Nine years since she last saw you

As her dementia resets every hour