Hardly a day goes by that some peculiarity of language doesn’t stop me in my tracks.

“Isn’t it funny they chose that word?”, “Did you notice how it switches to passive tense here?”, “There’s so much to unpack in that metaphor”… and that’s only to the kittens. It is difficult to overstate the power of language. It helps to construct thoughts, build  and demolish ideas, allows us to understand ourselves and others but most of all, explore what the business of living is all about.

And even so, sometimes the words we don’t use are just as (if not more important) than the ones we do.

My name is Zimarina Sarwar, I am a Writer and Editor based in London. I’ve worked as a Senior Copywriter and Editor for over a decade and have an MRes in Linguistics from Kings College London.  Here I share with you a small selection of writing about the things that really matter to me, and therefore my pen! ‘Creative’ explores ideas, musings and attempts to understand everything around us and within us too. ‘Community’ features writing on topical subjects and current affairs within the Muslim community at home and abroad. ‘Commissions’ showcases some of the work I have done with organisations close to my heart.

So welcome, dive right in and thank you for stopping by!