After Iftar Tales


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For most of us Ramadan, along with being the month of fasting, is an emotion, a memory, a feeling, a taste, a smell or a picture. From the decorated houses to the meticulously prepared plates of Iftar delicacies. From the Masjid halls to the playgrounds.

‘After Iftar Tales’ brings you stories that give you a glimpse of the different aspects of Ramadan. Observed worldwide by people of all ages and ethnicities, the month of Ramadan is made all the more special for each individual when it is entwined with their culture and traditions. We bring you 10 short stories that are varied yet all represent this beautiful month.

Meet Haboba and her prized candy tin and Alayna who stresses over her missing envelope. Hold your hearts tight for Hessa and little Soraya who is in the middle of a crisis. Come read, share and enjoy these tales with your nearest and dearest!

10 original curated stories, 142 pages of pure delight


  1. The Missing Envelope – Mehnaz Anshah ( Dubai)

Alayna is staying home with her family like everyone else during the pandemic. She’s bored and missing her friends, but there’s something more. She’s not sure if the spirit of Ramadan can make her feel better.

  1. Iftar in Space – Tayyaba Anwar ( Dubai)

What’s the most unusual place you’ve had your Iftar? Was it on top of a mountain or at the beach? Join Commander Noora as she breaks fast in a very special place.

3.Abdu’s Eid Wish – Sadia Anwar (Dubai)

Abdulla or Abdu lives with his mother in a lovely little village in Kerala. He has one wish for Eid and he is determined to make it come true.

4.The Ramadan Fun Club – Mona Siddiqui (Dubai)

Zaid, Ali and Hammad have taken on an important project for the month of Ramadan. Will they succeed? Or will it a choco- lot a mess?

5.A Mother’s Memory – Jihan Anshah (Dubai)

It is Hessa’s first Ramadan without her mom and she is grieving. Join Hessa,her brother and her dad as they try to bring back the joy of Ramadan through her mothers memories.

  1. A Ramadan Surprise – Malika Kahn ( South Africa)

Amina loves spending time at the masjid. She realises that she may not be able to go whenever she please, but then a surprise awaits her. ( A Story in Rhyme)

  1. The Iftar Thief – Maryam Mohamed Osama ( Egypt)

Maryam is going to be fasting for the first time this Ramadan. But she has a secret and she’s not sure how to deal with it.

  1. Haboba’s Candy Tin – Mehnaz Anshah

Haboba is everyone’s beloved grandmother. She is larger than life and her grandkids are looking forward to spending time with her. All is well until they look for their favorite Candy Tin.

  1. The Ramadan Lantern – Tayyaba Anwar

A family heirloom with generations of experience shares a tale from the times gone by.

  1. The Master Iftar Disaster – Zimarina Sarwar

Everything is ready for Mum’s Grand Annual Iftar or so it seems. However as the place is set to host friends and family, there is one hiccup after another. Will it be the grand Iftar they hope for or a truly master disaster?